Monday, December 1, 2008

Movie Popcorn

My second passion in life is movies. So, much that my family through me a backyard movie party for my last birthday. It was so much fun we watched a movie on a huge inflatable screen in my sisters backyard. My parents bought me a real live popcorn machine. I love it. You can find them at Costco. Movie rooms are all the rage in Dallas right now and pretty much every one has a popcorn machine to go with it. Matt and I love game night too. Almost as much as movie night. Our popcorn machine is great for both. One of my new favorite games is Pictionary Man. It just came out so we had to buy it and boy is it so much fun. There are 3 objects (one that looks like a man). Then they give you a word and you can draw on the objects and/or act out that word.


Misty said...

so fun! I've seen the popcorn machines but have wondered how good they would be... I think we should invest in one.

Anonymous said...

Try a Pop-O-Pot, it makes the best popcorn ever, look for it on the net