Friday, October 10, 2008

Babe's Chicken

The best fried chicken in Dallas is at Babe's Chicken. Growing up they only had one location in a little town called Roanoke. I remember driving out there being so excited. We would take car loads of people. It was so much fun. A little shop next door serves the original Dr. Pepper that you have to try. A few months ago one opened up in Frisco right down the street from us. So, I'm excited. Anyways the original restaurant just serves fried chicken and chicken fried steak with all you can eat mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and salad. The new locations serve more dishes like roast beef and catfish. Plus they have added green beans with the sides. The salad there is to die for. They serve it with a sweet dressing that is amazing. One year we went there for my birthday and they made me wear a chicken hat. So, if you are ever in the Dallas area tried the Fried Chicken there.