Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ice Box Rolls

Thanksgiving isn't complete without my mom's ice box rolls. They do come with a warning. When rising leave out of reach of small curious kids. They might get the urge to poke them. Not that my family knows from experience. J/K. They are just to fun to resist.

What you need
1 cups water, warm
1 package quick-rise yeast
½ cups sugar
1 egg, well beaten
2 tbsp vegetable oil
½ tsp salt
2½ cups flour, can add up to 3

How to do it
1. Put warm water in large bowl, add egg, sugar, salt, and oil. Add flour and stir well. Then knead on floured board.
2. Fold into a ball and place in bowl. Let rise double in warm place and knead once more.
3. Divide in 2 balls. Roll ⅕ inch thick and cut out with biscuit cutter, put in well greased pans and let rise*. Cook in 350 oven until brown about 8-10 minutes.
*Note: Instead of creating biscuits mold small balls with your thumbs kinda kneading them at the same time. Butter a muffin pan. Place three balls into each muffin slot. After done baking butter the tops of each roll.