Friday, December 12, 2008

Jalapeno Poppers

Matt's college roommate taught me a lot when I first started to cook. One of my favorite recipes he showed me was Jalapeño Poppers. I remember one time we used what must have been the spiciest Jalapeño in the world. After eating it I downed milk and crackers for a good hour. These guys are really good. After handling the Jalapeños don't touch your eyes.

What you need
12 fresh jalapeños
8 oz cream cheese, softened
4 oz cheddar cheese
12 bacon slices

How to do it
1. In a mixing bowl, add cream cheese and cheddar cheese. Mix together.
2. Slice half of the top and down one side. The cut will look like a T.
3. Take the seeds out of the jalapeños.
4. Fill with the cheese mixture.
5. Close jalapeños, wrap with bacon. To keep from opening add toothpick.
6. Grill until the bacon is crisp.